Strummer first breezed onto the Australian Fashion Scene in 2009. Originally a nod to the free spirited bohemia of the 70’s music scene, the brand has evolved into a modern version of itself. Cleaner lines, tailoring and a sense of timelessness have been introduced, whilst not losing the free spirited essence Strummer always delivers.  The Sydney based label's unique aesthetic continues to garner attention and praise from international buyers and press most notably Nylon (US) and Refinery 29 (US).

Strummer's Spring/Summer 2013 Collection, Brooklyn Beats, is an ode to the creative wanderers who reside in Brooklyn.  Designer Edwina Hagon wanted the collection to capture the energy and vision evident throughout its streets.

Strummer's latest offering stays true to its fabric foundations whilst also exploring new textures.  The collection is an eclectic mix of silk prints, whimsical crochet, lace and street style faded chambrays and denims.  An important goal was to design garments with a relaxed fit and look to evoke the notion of freedom and movability.

The campaign was shot at two locations in Brooklyn starting at Kellogg’s Diner, a real quintessential American Diner, that has been serving Williamsburg since 1928.  The next location was on the roof top of an apartment belonging to Brooklyn locals and creatives alike.

The campaign effectively captures the personality of the location and marries together Strummer's vision for the collection in the most harmonising way.